Stuck trying to figure your way out around the internet, to make a dollar? Be stuck no more, because I am going to tell you something nobody else did… Stop thinking in patterns!

You’ve been indoctrinated into thinking that people with a successful online business have to look and act a certain way… Like being loud, obnoxious, flaunting their obscenely expensive belongings and twisting your mind with never ending sales pitches.

And the indoctrination goes even further, many thinking that there are no more money to be made on the internet and that all the productive ideas have been exhausted by all those lucky bastards who got rich over-night. 

If you think like that, you will never make it as an online entrepreneur and, as a matter of fact, you will never make it as an entrepreneur, period.

When the internet didn’t exist, if you had the money, and you had the calling, you might have considered opening a restaurant, a gift shop, or teaching piano lessons.

You wouldn’t have worried about the other businesses in the neighborhood being your competition, even if that meant risking all your lifetime savings with start-up expenses. You knew that what you offered was unique and had the faith that your hard work will eventually pay off.

So, why don’t you feel the same, on the internet? Why do you think that running a business online abides by some mystical incomprehensible laws? It’s all the same… Only the tools to accomplish that seem a little bit different. But, guess what?… Most of them are free. So, what do you have to loose?… Your fear of success and freedom, maybe?…

The entrepreneurial philosophy is simple, quite primal, I might say. If you want something, be it a car, a pair of shoes or even the freedom to wake up at noon, instead of whining that you have no money, ask yourself how can you afford that and get into action right away.

If you have no money at all, get a job. That might eventually turn out to be your particular path to success. But if you really have it in you to be your own boss, find that thing that makes it worthy for you to wake up every day with a smile on your face, work on it and turn that into your business. 

If you like crochet, sell your products on eBay. If you like to write, sell your books and e-books on Amazon. Or be an affiliate or a dorp shipper and sell other people’s products. If you have a talent, be a freelancer. If not, take surveys or be a product tester.

Alike the owner of the restaurant across the street, you’re not bound to a limited market like your neighborhood and a few passers-by. 

Make a website that can be your business card, your portfolio and even your store and sell your products and services worldwide, like so many others do. Spread the word by any means you can: business cards, social media and other forms of free or paid advertising. Figure out your most profitable promotion strategy and stick to it. Is that so difficult? 

Life is constantly renewing and there are billions of people on this planet who need food, clothes, transportation, tools, entertainment, etc. Get well prepared because, one day, one of these waves of consumers will hit you hard and you won’t be able to keep up with the amount of orders. Congratulations!