If you found the video of The Internet Marketer’s Ballad anywhere else on the web, most likely, you wondered if cashflo.business really existed. And as you see, it does…

However, it wasn’t first the site and then the video. It was the other way around.  The song was inspired by countless sales pitches I’ve read and heard ever since I’ve been into internet marketing, and particularly by Tai Lopez’s Youtube videos which I found very entertaining. 

After writing the song, I thought to take the joke until the end and make a site to go with it. Surprisingly, the domain cashflo.business was available.

My name is Floriana Fabian and I wear many hats. But I am mostly known as an artist. I always found it awkward to promote my entrepreneurial “ad-ventures” and philosophy to the fans of my work in the field of arts. In the end, I realized that this site might really come in handy, for the more pragmatic part of my audience… And, my own search engine optimization strategies.

book01So, if you are interested in online entrepreneurship and because you made the effort to get here, I am not going to live you empty handed. I set up a blog  on how to earn online, with no risks involved and no unrealistic expectations., exactly how I make my money. All the articles will be short and to the point, and, most of all, mind-opening. Because this is what you need to live your dreams… An open mind.

Learn more about me and what I do @ floriana.xyz